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Trevi Fountain


Immortalized by Frank Sinatra, Trevi fountain is one of those "must-see" sights in Rome. In fact, it appears that at every hour of day and night, every tourist in town is doing exactly that!

The fountain marks the ending of one of the main aqueducts that supplied ancient Rome with water, although there was nothing quite so heroic as this in those days! This fountain dates from the 1700s, and is a colossal work of magnificent sculpture.



The symbology of the figures is that of Neptune - the god of the seas - taming the waters. Horses, snakes, and maidens all frolic in the gushing waters, as tourists wit their turn to throw 3 coins in. The interpretation I heard was that if you throw one coin over your shoulder, you will return to Rome some day. If you throw 2 coins, you will fall in love with someone from Rome, and if you throw 3, you will marry that person.

Needless to say, I only threw one!!

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