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Rome 2006

Spanish Steps

Ahh, the romantic Spanish Steps - symbol of Rome and a beautiful place for the beautiful people. Not quite, unless those beautiful people are looking for some beautiful imitation Gucci bags or sunglasses. The steps themselves are covered with fast-talking salesmen from all over the world hawking their wares. Best to bypass it altogether and head up to the church at the top, where you can get a bird's-eye view of all the ruckus.

Inside the Trinità dei Monti, respite from the outside world can be found. Built over nearly 90 years in the 1500s, the church now houses the Order of the Dames du Sacre Coeur, a French order of nuns.

Stepping outside, there is a fantastic view over the rooftops and domes of Rome - invigorating stuff for a day of exploring!

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