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Rome 2006

St. Peters

St. Peter's panorama
Where to start with this one? How about just work our way from the outside in. I spent a whole day at St. Peter's and the Vatican museum, and in my opinion was the highlight of my visit. I'm not Catholic, but I still couldn't help being pretty awestruck by the history, opulence, and power that are associated with this place. 
St. Peter's eclipse
(and every now and again I found myself wondering just why there was so much time, energy, effort, and money spend on aggrandizing the seat of a religion instead of doing more 'good,' but that's just the cynic in me) 


St. Peter's at night
By the time the day was over, I had definitely taken more than my fair share of photos. 

Let's just say that St. Peter's was fully  "Canonized" (groan)

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