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Life in Rome


Life in Rome is like a locked door - once you get past it, there is usually something worthwhile back there. And if you do get bored, do as this family did - sit down with the kids for a while and draw pictures of what you've seen!

I cam across this guy painting near Trajan's column. Asked him if I could take his picture and he was very friendly about letting me watch for a while.

Cops and money. Two common sights around town. The Rolls was parked near the top of the Spanish Steps and these guards were hanging out near the column of Marcus Aurelias.

as are motorcycles and scooters!

Out one night, I came across 2 hysterically funny scenes. First was an artist who was making spray-paint montages of Roman landmarks spiraling through the universe, and the other was a group of Hare Krishnas serenading a mime dressed up as King Tut. The poor guy was just standing there trying to make a living when this chanting, dancing group came up and starting beating their drums and spinning all around him! Chant and be happy.

Rome 2006:

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