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Sant Angelo

Map from Google showing St. Peter's on the left and the Castel Sant'Angelo - the star shaped area - on the right. The original building is the round building nearest the river; the fortifications were added later.

It is a lovely spot for a romantic evening

Located just down the road from St. Peter's and the Vatican, what is now called the Castel Sant'Angelo was originally designed as the mausoleum for the Emperor Hadrian. It was connected by a bridge that headed straight into the heart of rome, and looked significantly different than it does today. 

As with most of the ancient structures in the city, it suffured horribly during the years, as it was transformed into a military fortress and subsequently overrun and looted several times by the barbarian tribes that overran the city in th 5th and 6th centuries. It has also served as a protective sanctuary for the pope and is connected to the Vatican by the Vatican Corridor, a wall route for him to travel through in safety (and anonimity).


The bridge that leads directly out from the castle is from around 135 CE and is said to be the finest ancient bridge in the city. It has had a number of angels added to it, designed and built in the 1600s, and nearby bridges have more recent 'heroic art' added.. I like the one with the bird.

A sculler takes a break as the booze cruise heads down the Tiber river...

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