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Here are some pictures from growing up (clockwise from top left): as a kid on Grandpa's farm in Utah, second grade in Belfry, fourth grade baseball player in Billings, high school graduation in Bonn, and the high school football stud.
Dave and Daddy carve a jack-o-lantern
Bobbing for apples is always fun
Dave and Karla in their "Joseph" coats (with the wood paneled station wagon behind them!

High school senior pictureA brief biography seems in order, as you'll have to wait a bit for the book. I was raised out in the state of Montana, a fantastic place to have a childhood. My family moved around a bit in the state, but for the most part that is what we called home.

Goofing off in BonnThings really took a change when I was a sophomore in high school. My mother took a job with the US Department of State and they sent us to Bonn, (in what was then West) Germany. It was quite a different life from any I'd experienced before then, and I would recommend Europe as a place to go to high school for anyone! I finished off my secondary school career there and then headed to Chicago to go to college at Northwestern. I had never been to the Windy City prior to that, but was extremely pleased once I got to know the area.

During the summer and winter vacations from university, I went to visit my family, which had been transferred to Amman, Jordan. I had to opportunity to travel quite a bit in the region, but we had to leave under somewhat 'hurried' circumstances with the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

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