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Rome 2006

Circus Maximus and Palatine Hill

Circus Maximus

Soccer in the Circus Maximus
Soccer in the Circus Maximus
Circus Maximus was the place to watch chariot races (as well as religious processions). It was the model for the famous scene in Ben-Hur, and was supposed to be able to hold 250-300 thousand people!

Today there is not much left (at least at ground level - just as everywhere else in Rome, the level of toppled material, fill, and garbage has raise the ground to the point that most of what is left of the structure is buried beneath the surface. But the people of the city still use it for entertainment: it has been used as a concert venue, a celebration point (as in after Italy's World Cup victory in 2006), or just for a pick up game of soccer.

Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill is the heart and soul of Rome. It is where the legendary Romulus and Remus were supposedly raised by the wolf, and it was here that they decided to build their city. During the height of Roman power, the hill overlooked the political and economic center - the Forum - and the entertainment center - the Circus Maximus. Seen here from the Circus Maximus, the homes of the rich and famous dominate the hillside.
Palatine tunnels
Palatine gardens
You can buy a ticket to the hill that also includes admission to the Colosseum, and it is a beautiful combination. Palatine Hill was the Beverly Hills of the empire, and the fancy gardens and overpowering residence that remain reflect this. I enjoyed the arches and walkways that were everywhere, and the flower gardens - while not in bloom - were interesting in their intricately designed brick.
Goat head
There were friezes everywhere, including this goat, and one could catch a glimpse of St. Peter's in the distance.
Columns and views
St. Peter's through a hole
That looks like a neat place to visit!

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