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Santa Maria sopra Minerva


This is called the only Gothic cathedral in Rome - but it certainly doesn't look like it from the outside. The site was originally a Roman temple to the goddess Minerva, and has had at least 2 other structures on it. The latest incarnation was built between 1280 and 1370 and a 19th century renovation created the shocking blue-with-stars look on the inside.
It is a peaceful, beautiful church located kittycorner from the Pantheon. There is a Michelangelo sculpture located inside, the Cristo della Minerva, also known as Christ the Redeemer or Christ Carrying the Cross. 
The tomb of Saint Catherine of Siena (except for her head, which is in Siena) and the replica of a skull embedded in the wall.
As would be expected in a church dedicated to Mary, there is a statue dedicated to her veneration...

Rome 2006:

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