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Trajan's Column


One of the most famous pieces of Rome's history is Trajan's column, built in 113 to commemorate Trajan's victory in the Dacian Wars (which took place in the area of present-day Romania). The reliefs on it show scenes from the campaign, and it has been a symbol of Imperial Roman might in the years since. Surrounded by Baroque domes now, the column (with a 16th century statue of St. Peter on top) pokes out into the sky.

Trajan's Column, Augustus, and the dome of Sacro Nome di Maria



What I didn't know before going was that there was an area used originally as another forum area and later as a vast marketplace cut into the sides of the hills.

Today only a small portion of the marketplace remains, but it gives a great view as to just how important (and well-used) these 'ruins' were at their height.

the domes, a statue from the unknown soldier monument, and Trajan's Column

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