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So Susan insisted on going here because of The DaVinci Code. Cheesy? Darn tootin'. As things turned out, the church is a neat place to visit. It is built like Notre Dame with the twin bell towers (one of which was encased in scaffolding and thus not in the photograph above!).
We walked into the church as some sort of special gathering was ending. There were all sorts of nuns milling about with quite a few handicapped and elderly people. They were finishing up treats and drinks, and it looked like there had been a fellowship social that evening. One of the interesting observations was that very few of the nune were white. Either this area of the city is full of immigrants from Africa, or the Church is having a tough time drawing nuns from Europe itself.
n a quiet corner of the church (away from the time obelisk line thing that everyone read about in TDVC) was a meditation chapel.Susan was struck by the three-dimensional Madonna and child statue that, to her, looked like they were "surfing on lava."
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