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The d'Orsay, built inside an ex-train station, is widely regarded as "everyone's favorite Paris Museum because the Louvre just is too huge to really enjoy." At least that's what we read before going. Truth be told, it was stupendously enjoying, but certainly not everything to everyone. 
The biggest draws are, of course, the impressionist works. There's even an escalator set up to zip you right past all the "other" floors, directly to the top to see the Monets and such.

The museum was by far the most popular with aspiring artists  (at least of those we visited). It seemed like there was someone set up in nearly every room. Interestingly enough, when we got closer to several of the artists, they had little stamps on their canvases (over which the paint would go) that bore the emblem of the museum. Whether that was to designate the painting as an authorized reproduction or to curtail theft, we never found out. We also came across a school group that was getting a lecture on painting and then had the chance to do a little scketching on their own. 
How to do justice to the collection? Can't be done. Here are just a few of the works we saw...

and the hats!! I tell you, those French artsy types are something else...
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