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Gold, Gold.
Gold, Gold, Gold.
Golden, Gilded.

From the outside, the state opera house is everything one would expect - huge, stately, overwhelming

But on the inside, the feeling is ever-so-much-more-so (remember that elementary school story?)
The grand stairway is the first "thing" you run into when entering, and it is very easy to imagine the Phantom still stalking behind the myriad corners and alcoves around the balcony

From the massive chandeliers to the heavy drapes in the 'mingling rooms,' the ornamentation throughout is done to an extreme that we had not experienced before. If the intent was to overwhelm the visitor's senses, bravo on a job well done.

The main seating area was accessible only through a balcony seat as a crew set the stage (yes, those are hanging buckets). From the plush fittings and the richly decorated center chandelier, we knew that this was a place to come to enjoy just more than the music.

As we wandered the halls, we had no problem imagining between-act trysts and enormous masquerade balls among the dazzling hallways

We were lucky enough to visit when there was an exhibit of some of the costumes worn on the stage. Even for costume jewelrey, some of these headpieces were pretty ornate (and must've weighed a ton!)

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