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Dominating the skyline (as seen from the d'Orsay), Sacre Coeur is the literal "Heart" of Paris
As a "newer" cathedral (early 1900s), it lacks the historical severity that the older churches in the city have. But as a beautiful building with an enormous interior and gorgeous gardens, it is hard to surpass.

As you enter, you pass a statue of St. Louis (the same king who financed the St. Chappelle) and meet a gigantic mural of Jesus inside. At this point, I was told to not take pictures, so that's all we got from inside...

We then walked to St. Peter's church of Montmartre, the little church next to the main basilica, and were entranced by the play of light on the walls from the stained glass windows. This building is a bit older than Sacre Coeur - consecrated in 1147! As this was the only day of our vacation that there was actual sunlight, we got a huge kick out of the beautifull patterns on the columns.
Feeling spiritually fulfilled, we headed on to find luch and check out the artists around Montmarte...
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