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On our way to the museum, we decided that a lunch was in order. We stumbled across a tiny Vietnamese restaurant just down the cobblestone street and had a pleasant time. There was an older threesome next to us who were amused by the way that Susan's laughs would trigger this doll (on the left) to play whiny music. We were surprised numerous times during the meal by a scratchy "Weeen whee whee whee whee" coming from behind us! Of course, the really funny part came when we got ready to leave, and one of the elderly gentlemen discovered that he had ripped the middle finger off of Susan's glove with his chair. It certainly made for a lovely first picture when we finally made it to the museum (below)

Rodin was, besides a pretty committed lecherous old man, a master at the human form. It was interesting to see that while many of his 'famous' pieces are of the whole body, much of the work on display were studies of specific parts of the body - hands, torsos, heads, etc.

There is a copy of the Thinker inside the house, but the big original is outside. As it was a super gray, rainy day, our walk around the sculpture garden was a bit abbreviated, but it certainly gave us a flavor of what life must've been like at a home occupied by a bunch of Paris artists - lots of nudes and frolicking nymphs!
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