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Whoa. We're talking HUGE. Months could be spent in here.
We had a day.

One of the biggest draws is, of course, her majesty...

and everyone wants a piece of her!
Apparently it is no longer illegal to take flash pictures - no one was yelling at the tourists to stop!

And the Venus de Milo - what a work of art. Actually 3 pieces joined together. Tthe only reason we know that is because Susan read it on one of those info sheets (see her in the background?).

(top left)
Winged victory

(top right)
Cupid and Psyche hard at work

The three graces

But, as an ancient history teacher, the big draw for me was the really old stuff

Cuneiform, Hammurabi, Gilgamesh, Baal - this early near eastern stuff is great, especially considering we are studying it right now in my classes!

We saw beautiful mosaics from every period of early history, and gigantic pieces of Babylonian palaces

It was sobering to note just how much "stuff" had been taken by the early archaeologists - and how much they had wrecked in the process. We saw rooms full of just statue heads (no bodies) and wall carvings that had only the king's face  - all the rest had been discarded. We'd talked in class about how modern digs concentrate on preseving and studyng everything, but much of the Louvre collection dates from a different era indeed...

The Egypt section was huge, with an enormous room dedicated to just empty coffins. I liked the accompanying figures, myself. 

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