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Montmarte is the only hill that overlooks the city of Paris. The place du Tertre, in the shadow of Sacre Coeur on the summit of the hill, is the hangout of all those French artists, struggling to make a living selling itty-bitty oil paintings to tourists for € 50. Crazy, I know, but it makes for a colorful strolling area with some cute cafes and wonderful people watching.

The cobblestone streets are dotted with little galleries (and those chairs in the picture on the left are where we ate a pizza lunch. One of the funniest events of our visit took place there - a mother and daughter (about 16 or 17) were eating lunch and drinking wine, and when mom got up to go to the bathroom, her chair toppled over with a huge crash. The daughter sat at the table, head down, shoulders shaking as she tried hard not to be too embarrassed and not to laugh out loud. Susan and I laughed (quietly) as well, and speculated at things we might do in later years that will embarrass our kids. I'm sure that time is coming - not that we do anything to embarrass them now, I'm sure!).

There was a huge selection of offerings and styles, with quite a number of people out enjoying the sunshine. While we were approached 1 or 2 times by caricaturists, for the most part there was no 'hassling' of people as they browsed past the artists.

and, because not many people were buying, some of the artists took a break!
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