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We headed out from Ubud straight through the heart of Bali. Crossing between (hopefully) extinct volcanos, we made a stop off at the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple, which sits right in the old caldera of the volcano! After the last explosion (which occurred I-don't-know-when), the rain water and mountain streams have filled up a lake on the site. It is a beautiful place to walk, although filled with Balinese holiday-makers getting the last little bit out of their New Year's breaks.
Wandering around the grounds, we stopped for a little snack (after Dave got attacked by a savage Balinese tiger), and then headed back onto the winding road leading up the mountains, past the shoppers, and over the ridge to the north west coast.
Settling into our little hotel, we discovered that we would have to walk about a kilometer each day to get to the beach. There was an easier, closer access point, but it was through a fishing village and we decided that those were not the waters in which we wanted to swim! But never mind, because the scenery along the way was FANTASTIC! We were hemmed in by mountains to our south, and the sea stretched away to the north, setting us up with a slice of verdant vacation paradise.
Between the blues of the sky and water, the green of the foliage, and the red and yellow of the flowers, we had pretty much the entire rainbow covered.
There was a school on our way, and we got to see the kids (we usually went by around "ice cream" time, when they would be buying snacks from the local salesman). But by the time we headed home, the sun was usually making its way behind the mountains, bathing the beach in one last burst of color.
Of course, not every sight was as picturesque, but they were rarely boring. We passed, every day, this tethered old sow and the local gasoline station. Yup, that little girl is selling those bottles of gas to the guy smoking a cigarette to put in his scooter. Safety first!
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