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Amed - Surf and Sun!

Water fun was the theme, and even Buddha got into the snorkeling action in Amed

In researching the Bali trip, Susan had found out about a ship sunk during World War 2 that was now an easily accessible dive spot right off the shore. Breck's enthusiasm convinced us to make a long stop in Amed, and it became one of our three 'main bases' during the trip.

We stayed at a beachside resort with a pool looking right out over the ocean - the ritziest place we've ever stayed - which was always great after snorkeling the day away...

It made a great base from which to swim, walk, eat, drink, stare pensively (and handsomely) into the distance, and just plain relax. 

We spent a lot of time in the water in Amed (by the way, there are a ton of different little villages up and down the coast - we just refer to them all collectively as "Amed"). We'd learned our lesson about covering up in Sanur, and so now wore t-shirts (and the girls wore long shorts) whenever we were out snorkeling. And the action was FANTASTIC - the best we have ever seen. Just walking in directly off the beach, we were astounded at the color of the coral, the number of fish, and the extensiveness of action.
In the picture above, you can see Alea, Breck, and Susan at the edge of the reef while the fishing boats loiter just on the deep water side... We tried out several different bays during our time, went to the dive site at Tulamben, and the Japanese wreck in Banyuning. Because we don't have an underwater camera, all of our pictures are from above sea level, but don't let that fool you: the majority of our time here was spent in the water!
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