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Udaipur - Jagdish Temple

One morning we headed to the Jagdish Mandir temple. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was built in 1651.  It sits at the bustling commercial heart of Udaipur's old city tourist district and is a natural landmark/meeting point. We passed it basically every time we went someplace.

As is common at all Hindu temples, women sell garlands of marigolds and jasmine outside the entrance. These are brought in and offered to the various idols.

Alea and Susan found respite from the heat of the day among the carvings that covered almost every space on the outside of the temple.

Outside, small stands provided water for thirsty pilgrims (see the "Om" symbol above and the swastika off to the side?)

The inside of the temple is a no-photography zone, but somehow or another my camera went off behind this group or worshippers chanting and praying to the black statue of Vishnu at the back of an ornately decorated cubby.

Old women finish their puja at the temple (above), while Garuda pays homage to Vishnu (below left) and another old woman prays before the statue of Laxmi at the temple near our hotel.
We set off in the afternoon to escape the bustle of the city, headng to a ranch in the mountains surrounding Udaipur.

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