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Udaipur - Night Lights

We wandered around after seeing the dance program. The roads were all lit up and decorated for the impending Diwali holiday, and even the wandering cows seemed to enjoy the spectacle. Right outside our hotel, we would pass three smaller temples all dedicated to Laxmi. One, according to our hotel guard, the 'most important Laxmi temple in the state,' was festooned with ribbons, lights, plastic palm trees and colorful cords so that the crowds could line up and enter the temple to pray and do puja.

We took in the sights as we wandered to various dinners and shows.
I wish that we'd gotten a better shot of the Jagdish temple at night, because the colors were sure something else (as was the tinsel)!

We even ran into good old Sai Baba along the way...

Each night in Udaipur, we ate at a different rooftop restaurant, each with a unique view of the lights of the palace and city.

The views are absolutely breathtaking all the lights twinkled and sparkled off the lake while Diwali candles flickered in traditional arched windows. See the green fireworks being set off? That is the doorway near the Bagore-ki-Haveli.

The sky was clear and we could see stars something that never happens in Mumbai.  It was truly magical. This is the Taj Lake Palace Hotel, the set for James Bond's Octopussy and now a posh hotel in the middle of Lake Pichola. We settled in after our first night, ready for a day at the temple.

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