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Udaipur - Mountain Ridge

After our two days on the ranch and traipsing around the countryside, we shifted gears and went to Mountain Ridge, a home stay a little closer to Udaipur. Built by Piers Helsen, it is a gorgeous rock home that belongs in Architectural Digest. We had the Monsoon Suite, with balconies off the bedrooms and a tub for two. Alea and Breck were enthralled with the twinkling lights wrapped around a branch hanging over that tub.The Stutz family does not usually travel 4 star, so this was a very special occasion. We played in the pool, read on the balconies, hiked the hills, parlayed with Piers and played some fierce Rummykub with his 'kids.' 
We tried to see the real Monsoon Palace on a hillside about 10 km away, but we got stuck with a useless driver and tour guide who messed it all up for us.

While we got a few photos worth mentioning during our 1 1/2 hours with him, we didnít do 2/3 what we had set out to do (a reason to return!!).

(Of course we couldn't help but interact with the local wildlife a little)

Misnomer 101 - the Monsoon Palace surrounded by cactii...

Lake Pichola itself is man-made, so is always shallow. It dries up completely during droughts. The monsoon in 2006 was very good, but the past two years have seen minimal rain. The lake is beginning to dry up, and we could see how silted it had become from erosion as we stood on the hilltop. We enjoyed the rest and hikes during our stay, but our time was winding down and we had to return for our final sightseeing in Udaipur.

Piers took us on a delightful hike the morning we had to leave.  A father and two sons from Ahmedabad also joined us.  We went up to a hill and looked over Lake Pichola and Udaipur. 

Despite the bright morning sunlight, we had a beautiful hike in the foothills below the Monsoon Palace.

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