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Udaipur - Life on the Ranch

After exploring the temple, we went to Krishna farm. It is a ranch run by Dinesh and Francine, managers of the Kumbha Palace, our hotel in Udaipur.  We stayed in their cottage and enjoyed two horse safaris out and around the Aravalli hills.
While there, the kids made friends with the resident dogs, Pepsi and Lucky, and learned to navigate respectfully around a bunch of stabled horses.  They enjoyed the absolute peace and quiet of the area something we no longer take for granted living with 24 million other people in Mumbai.  They especially liked One-Eyed Pirate, a colt with a damaged eye that Dinesh had recently bought.  She was gentle and sweet and feasted on the apple peels we shared.

In the course of our rides, we visited a non profit animal shelter called Animal Aid. The mission is to care for injured and abandoned animals in a society that considers such beasts little more than a waste of time and resources. We spent some time there (at the kids' insistence!) and learned about the hospital while they fed and petted dogs, cats, cows, and donkeys in various states of distress. (In an interesting twist, when we got to Mumbai Alea's class visited an affiliated animal shelter in this city as part of a community service day activity)

And what did we see as we left the shelter, just to remind us that we were in Rajasthan?

This old man and his camel. Giddy-yup!
We saw other great scenes of life in the country in our rides around the area.

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