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Chiang Mai

Night Market

When we got into Chiang Mai, it was evening and we were hungry. We'd heard about the night market in town, and since we out hotel was near it, we decided to head on over. After some of our experiences in Bangkok, we were a bit apprehensive as we walked past the PornPing Palace on our way over!

Even though Dave wanted to get right to shopping, Susan laid down the law that first evening: we were going to eat, darn it, and then put the kids to bed! At least we have a chance to pose in front of the big Christmas tree set up in the market.

As our days in Chiang Mai went by, we spent nearly every evening at some point in and around the night market. We saw all sorts of fantastic things being sold, ranging from the truly cool and practical (like various lamp covers) to the bizarrely weird and creepy (like entire displays of nothing bu preserved bugs, spiders, and bats).

There were other evening markets that took place on the weekends, when the crowds ranged off into the distance from our viewpoint atop the city walls.

Artisans plied their wares - this man is carving soap flowers, and goods from every corner of the country are available.

The lights and the colors were incredible, especially under the lights of the stalls.

Because of the "camera issues" we experienced, the evening hours were the only opportunity we had to take pictures that captured the beauty of the temples which rise from seemingly every corner in the town.

In the center of the night market, we found a stage with nightly dance presentations (and cold beer on tap)
We had the opportunity to watch a traditional puppet show as well as practice our traditional Thai greeting with an old friend...
And of course the people watching was fantastic - from the children of street peddlers (walking up and down rubbing a stick on the back of a wooden 'frog' to produce an attention-getting croaking sound) to street performers to Breck's choice for a fresh dinner - the sights, sounds, and smells of the Chiang Mia night market held our attention every evening!
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