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Up and down the river

Bangkok is built around the Chao Phraya River and a series of canals. The river provided the city's identity for most of its history and is still a major artery for commerce and travel.

Every dock had little cafes and places to get snacks, and some even sold dried bread for the huge fish flapping in the water below! Breck and Alea loved to feed them almost as much as they enjoyed watching the boats and taking pictures of the sights.

Our guesthouse was located a 5-minute walk from 'taxi docks,' which supplied us with our most consistent form of transport during the trip. While the public services were not as brightly colored as these private 'longtails,' the ease of getting around far outweighed any decorative issues. And at less than 50 cents each, the boats were highly economical as well!

We could always count on interesting sights along the way, whether it was the shimmering lights of the Rama 5 Bridge, a monk checking his mobile phone messages on the dock, or a lonely salesman heading home after a long day of carrying around his goods... 


Alea and Breck would try their hands at identifying what was in each bucket. Some things were not very familiar at all...

Dave did certainly try his hand at traditional dishes - but truth must be told: what he is eating is a noodle soup dish, and not some long tentacled invertebrate.

Although there were always the dried options for dessert...

Bangkok is renowned for tasty Thai food, but an awful lot of it is stuff that only dad would eat. Exiting the boat launches, we would usually run into an open air market filled with delicacies - most of them still alive!

and some of the entrees looked very familiar (in the sense that we knew what they were!)

Everywhere we looked there were fresh and dried sea items to eat.

But the best of all? Pizza Hut seafood pizza - YUM!!

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