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Interesting shopping opportunities

Thailand - and especially Bangkok - is a shopper's paradise. One can find virtually anything imaginable for sale there, ranging from the typical (copied dvds) to the atypical (outer space language dialect lessons).

We had planned on availing ourselves of some of these opportunities, and had actually brought 2 extra bags along to haul our anticipated goodies with us. The pictures on this page aren't really from when we went shopping, but do give an idea of the choices available!

Our first evening, we headed down to find us a steak! We wanted meat, and so we hunted for it. After a huge meal, we stopped in for a drink at a roadside pub, and watched people out and about stop by the local food stand and get their evening fare. We noticed this pile of "off the truck" scarves being sold, and I almost talked Susan into buying one - but not quite. 

Shopping at the Chinese Market is a Bangkok tradition, and who are we to mess with tradition? We were pushed and shoved through the narrow, clogged streets, between stalls and shoppers all crushing up against one another trying to get to the real deals. our guidebook had warned us about the plethora of "Hello Kitty" merchandise available, and we were not disappointed!

The kids were cute, and the shopkeepers all decked out for the holiday season. We ended up getting some little knickknacks, and were on a quest to find Breck some special toys (which were eventually lost with the camera), so despite all the bumping and grinding, it was an overall success.

On our way back Breck decided to give a local food merchant a helping hand just as we turned the corner into another interesting neighborhood. Alea was the first to notice, as she saw Santa outfits that were not quite the same as what the shopkeeper above had been wearing (and were, truth be told, not something we'd ever like to see Santa in anyway).

There are tons of massage parlors all over - some of which are actually places where people go and simply get a massage...

It takes a lot of energy to be a working girl, so a healthy supper is a must, and then it is time to hit the trenches. Susan made sure to walk the kids very quickly past this group - eyes straight ahead - so the graphic S&M pictures on the posters didn't get noticed!

But, this being Bangkok, we found that yes - pretty much anything you want, in pretty much any size shape or orientation - is really available and for sale here.

But other places are certainly trolling for a different clientele, and as the evening lights come on, the hostesses gather for another night on the job.

Ahh, Bangkok...
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