9 years old!!

Check out my birthday party!!
Youth Soccer League
Modeling shoot

Breck lived in Mumbai, India when he was 9. There are lots of pictures of his travel adventures linked from the India page.

He relaxed with Cuddly Tiger at home

And wore a safety helmet on the school bus!

His new favorite sport is cricket, and he loves riding in rickshaws

He explored old forts in Aurangabad...

And colored Easter eggs in Bombay

And took educational trips with the family as well as fun vacations!
He even managed to fit in some quality time with the police and some snakes!!
Alea, Mom, and Breck in Mumbai
He visited waterfalls near Lonavala, dancy buildings in Mumbai, and deserted castles in Fatehpur Sikri.
He communed with the Buddha in Kailasa, explored jungles in Matheran, and tried on new outfits in Kerala

And through all the trips he kept a smile on his face and met new friends!!

Be sure to take a look at all our India trips to see more of Breck in action!!

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