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Wednesday - Anjuna Flea Market

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My favorite greeting was by the scene just outside the market. It doesn't get more typically Indian than seeing a cow on a beach in front of brightly-colored handmade clothes and some garbage.

Wednesdays are when the "famous" Anjuna flea markets take place on the southern end of the beach. We planned on making a day out of wandering, shopping, and seeing what sights there are to see. These fruit vendors were waiting to greet us when we first showed up.

Kids climbed the trees hanging up windsocks for sale, and long Diwali light covers hung from the rafters of the woven stalls that formed a warren of winding shopping corridors. Off we go!!

Workers grabbed water from the sea to get things ready for all the tourists...
Inside, there was just a ton of colorful stuff to look at, from brightly colored fabrics to brightly colored bags (which Susan bought one of)
Spices and stencils made for photographic subjects as well...
Beside the bags, we saw baubles - like door knobbles - and baubles that wobbled. You can tell we've been to Goa - we're even writing like Dr. Suess!! But seriously folks, while we didn't get one of the Buddha bobble heads, I'm thinking that we have to. Putting that on the dashboard of our car can't hurt our luck at all!
The clothing was amazing (we picked up a ton of shirts and sarongs for presents) and the other items were just plain fun to look at.
We saw huge collections of items, from collectors' coins to girls' dollies. Unfortunately for them, neither Breck nor Alea were able to convince the parents to shell out the rupees for either of the above!

Anjuna, as the original hippie hangout, still has many an item catering to the traveler intent on taking a real trip. We saw fantastically ornamented clothes and tables full of devices to help smoke whatever it is one had with them to smoke. Not that that was in short supply either. We saw people firing up on several different occasions, and were offered goods to buy as well, even with the kids in tow. Ahh, Goa.
And the people! From fruit sellers on the beach to fabric sellers in the market, we caught our fill of friendly faces and persuasive sellers (usually female). "Come look my shop," remember?
There were seller there from the far reaches of India and Nepal, as well as some beach performers - we ran into this girl performing her balancing act all up and down the beach. Breck was so impressed with her that he tried to imitate her in the market. Actually, this is another sad/funny Breck story. As we were making our way out of the shops, a guy took Breck's water bottle and handed it to his buddy. The buddy, not realizing where it came from, started drinking it all. Breck started crying, and dad went up and grabbed the water out of the guy's hand, ready to open up a can of whoop heiney. Luckily for the dude, his friend stepped in explained what happened, and bought Breck a fresh bottle of water. Yeah that's right - don't mess with dad's kids, man!!
But the most enduring image of the day came when we stopped in for a mid morning drink. We took up seats at a cafe (and met the Fuentes/Hoskins, another teaching family from Bombay) when we noticed that there was a sleeping baby next to us! The mom was manning (womanning?) the booth next to where we were sitting, and had slung her dupatta up as a makeshift hammock for her baby. The neat thing was that the kids kept sleeping through the noise and ruckus all around. What a super place to take a nap, and what a super way for us to spend a day!

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
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