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Monday - Vagator Beach

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Monday was our day to head just north of Anjuna to Vagator beach, which is (according to our sources) where many of the wildest late night beach rave parties take place. As we are now more into the family scene, we were pleased to find it a gorgeous, protected cove where the kids could have a great time swimming. After a lunch overlooking the beach, we headed down to test out the water.
And, this being India, we had plenty of professional lifeguards watching over us...
and plenty of shopping opportunities!

Knowing that we were heading to the Anjuna market on Wednesday, however, tempered our enthusiasm for buying too much from the locals. We ended up diving into the water and just enjoying the waves for the better part of the afternoon.

We decided to be real risk-takers and scale the hill overlooking the lagoon to see the ruins of a Portuguese fort. 

The hike entailed crossing another beach (and seeing quite the interesting dead fish) as well as climbing a really steep hill on a hot afternoon.
But we persevered to the very top, and were able to explore all around the grounds.
We were soooo proud!!
And we were soooooooo pooped!!

We hiked back to where we could catch a rickshaw, and returned to Anjuna for dinner. As we sat overlooking the sea, Breck and dad were invited to join in a pick-up cricket game going on in the empty lot next to the cafe.

Breck got called in as a batsman, and he wielded the chopped up piece of palm wood like a pro. His bowling was a bit more like baseball pitching with a bounce, but he had a great time (and even got one of the batsmen out!).

The game ended in a not ideal way when he got smashed in the face trying to field a hit, resulting in a bloody nose, but he toughed it up with some hugs from mom. 
The evening ended on a really special note, however, when one of the guys (the one batting in the striped shirt) showed up with a gift for Breck. The guys playing felt so bad for him, they chipped in together and got him a cricket bat! It was such a nice thing for them to do, and now Breck has a bona-fide bat to use whenever we want to get out the stumps! Another good ending to a super day...

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
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