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November 2007 - Sunday

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
So we got up Sunday morning to go explore our new surroundings. We knew we were in Goa when we walked out into our hotel cafe and found the "Don't Smoke Cannabis Here" sign over the kiddie pool.

I suppose that means it is alright to smoke it somewhere else around the pool, but keep it away from the young 'uns. Because Goa is, of course, one of the last bastions of the old hippie club, members of which we did see all over the place.

Some liked to hang out, watch the waves, and smoke the days away. Others were more innovative, trading in their love beads for high tech apparatus that would allow them to actually make a living by stumbling up and down the beach.

They were not the only beach denizens we ran into. Cows were everywhere (as were garbage pickers). We even found a reminder of our Belgrade days with a pectopah right around the corner from our hotel.

Breck wanted to pet one, but he was a bit nervous at first...

There were plenty of stands loaded down with baubles as we made our way through, and we weren't hassled at all. This pattern was not to be repeated the rest of our trip, as we became very familiar with the phrase, "You come look my shop." 

The hard sell for all these soft objects was very much in evidence - they learned our names and would call out to us each day as we walked through. 

 As we continued around the corner, we came across the northern part of the Anjuna Beach market. Our first morning, we saw everything as the locals were setting up. 

We managed to restrain ourselves, mostly, as we figured there were enough other tourists there to give them a pretty good living! 

As the family walked up and down the beach - eventually even going into the water! - we saw some reminders of Goa's Portuguese past as well as its place in Hindu India... 

More fun than that was the shell collecting that was done alone the shores...

and the karate fighting we did while having a cold drink break.

 But the most fun of all was making it back to the pool for some great water games.
Looks like our holiday is off to a fantastic start!!

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
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