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Thursday - Scooter trip

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

We hit Morjim beach just north of Anjuna - nearly deserted. We parked our bikes and wandered across the dunes that ringed the shoreline to hit the waves. There were a few hard-core beach denizens out there (including one guy who fired up his mary jane pipe as we walked by at 10 am), but we all felt comfortable enough to drop trou on the beach and change into our swimsuits with just a little help from mom.

On Thursday, Susan finally got her wish and we rented motor scooters to take us around. After filling them up with water bottles full of gas bought from local supermarkets, we were ready to see the coast! It was (admittedly) a pretty neat way to get out onto the backroads and see some of the rural life. Our first taste was passing water buffalos relaxing in mudholes along the way!

And then we were off!! We ran, jumped, and splashed the morning away at our own private beach. The Undertoad was nowhere to be felt, and the crashing waves made swimming a blast for the whole family. 

Of course, one would be hard pressed to tell the amount of fun we had from the kids - it was grimace city whenever we wanted to take a picture!!

On the way out from the beach, we saw some of the people who had reason to grimace as they pulled in the nets from the seas around us - more dinner for daddy!!

Driving through the countryside, we passed a number of temples and monuments that caught our eyes from the buzzing scooters...
as we headed on to Ashvem beach, where the kids were once again doing nothing but running straight for the water. 

While the kids played, the parents set up in the restaurant outside a series of huts that were being assembled for the tourist season.

Mom was ready for a beer - the sun and salt had done a number on her - and her craziness spread to Breck when he showed back up for lunch.

 It was pretty amazing to consider that each of these - with no electricity and no bathroom (and no pool) - cost as much during the high season as our room did. While rustic might be nice, it apparently comes with a  price!

After a final stop way up north at Arambol, where we saw more starfish and hermit crabs than at all the other beaches combined, we headed back to our abode at Anjuna. Baked by the sun and swept by the wind, our red faces and crazy hair bore witness to the great day that we all had.

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
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