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Friday - Beach Crawl

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

For our last full day in Goa, we decided to make the absolute most of having some beautiful sand, sun, and suds literally right out our doorstep. We headed out and down the beach to the Sunset View, a guesthouse and restaurant that we'd decided served the best breakfast around. We passed the local herd of lifeguard cows and stopped to have a picture taken with them.

As we finished up breakfast, the kids took turns on the camera, and Breck snapped a great picture of Alea's braid
while dad recorded some souvenirs of a few fun things we'd found, visited, and drank along the way. As the day went on mom  gave Alea a few extra tight braids.
Breck had all sorts of adventures up and down the beach, from letting waves crash all around him, to catching saltwater crabs, to discovering the tidepools that we eventually snorkled in all afternoon.
As we continued our wandering, the beaches started getting a little more business as the day went on.
We saw Indians our enjoying the day - this woman was about as close to wearing a bathing suit as we ever saw - but she did get her pants wet! Of course the Europeans there didn't have any such compunctions (but mom is nervous about such a display on the internet), and Indian men were perfectly happy to take off their clothes and go swimming - and walking along the beach - in their underwear.

While we weren't ready to go in in our underwear, we were ready to hop in and enjoy the water. Because there was still concern about the undertow, either mom or dad always accompanied the kids (while the other guarded stuff on the beach and was very careful to 'rehydrate' often!!)

Ahh yes - rehydrating!!
Of course, others on the beach had other relaxation strategies in mind. Some had healthy food, some had healthy massages, and some looked like they'd had cures that were not as healthy. Oh well - it is a grand vacation spot and I suppose folks are entitled to relax in the manner they see most fit!

We swam until the cows came home (literally), and by then we were pretty fried in both body and mind and ready to call it a day.

Other people said goodbye to the day in their own personal ways on the beach. I'm not sure if they are practicing Ayervedic yoga or not, but I do know that was one of our fun family phrases - "Are you da Vedic?" "Whose da Vedic?" "Whose da Vedic?"

It is a lot more humorous in real life. Really.

I don't think anyone was complaining, however, as we loaded up our wet selves for our final dinner (and some fine tan-line balance displays by Breck!)
After cleaning up, we were treated to a fantastic sunset from our seaside dinner that evening. We were all sleepy, sandy, sweaty, scratchy, and salty, but also sorry to see the end of this week come.

A family week in Goa - Sunday - Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday
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