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The ladies' market was a HUGE area right across the Lion's Bridge from our hotel.  The market contained everything: soap, fish, tourist pottery (which we availed oursleves of), brooms, yarn, and engine oil. 

The broom stand

and the olive shop

you could buy fresh yarn

and fresh flowers

these fish were still 'gasping' when we passed this stall (the word on the blue wall that starts with "p" is riba - fish in both Bulgarian and Serbian). I loved the fact that the shoe seller had a changing room right out there in the snow - I wonder how they did that at the underwear stand...

Susan had a great time picking out all sorts of cute pottery. By the end of our trip, we were the proud owners of a mini brandy set, a condiment set, a number of bowls, and a ton of gifts for people back in Belgrade.

Although Bulgaria is primarily Orthodox, they celebrate Christmas on the 25th, so in the  pre-holiday frenzy, folks were selling greenery, boughs, and ornaments.

Outside Alexander Nevsky Church is an avenue (right in front of the Tomb of the Unknow Soldier) full of flea market stalls.  These stalls - unlike the ladies' market - are directed squarely at the tourists.  Breck and Alea, too young to understand the 'look but don't talk' rule, engaged everyone in lively chatter about the 'highly valuable and one-of-kind' wares on display. 

As we started in, there was a lot to see

and Alea wanted to see it all!

dolls like those in Russia

knitted things (which looked cool)

animal pelts

and the icon market

Breck was especially enthralled with a WWII helmet. Ugh.

Walking around - traditional restaurant - shopping - downtown churches - Nevsky cathedral

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