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Everything we saw and did in Sofia was as a walking tour through the city.  The area around Sofia has a long history of occupancy; first by Thracians, then Romans, then Byzantines, then Slavs, then Bulgars, then Ottomans, then Communists and, finally, the Bulgarian state.  When walking around Sofia, the presence of churches, mosques and synagogues tells the story of the city’s mixed history.

Sofia was cold and snowy so Susan (who doesn't like cold or snow) kept everyone moving to keep the circulation going.  We had to stop at a cafe to warm up and Alea tried her first tiramisu and Breck tried his first hot chocolate without marshmellows. We walked up and down the "Yellow Brick Road" that connects much of downtown Sofia together, so named for the quite distinctive color of the bricks.

We passed the tomb of the unknown soldier, saw Roma homes made out of old railroad cars, and dodged snowballs in the park

Breck enjoyed watching - and imitating - the changing of the guard in front of the Presidential Building.  Notice the smile on the guard in the background:) 

Walking around - traditional restaurant - shopping - downtown churches - Nevsky cathedral

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