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Honduras, 2000-2001

Omoa Fortress

View from the fort
An old Spanish fort on the Caribbean coast, Omoa was a refuge from pirates and dastardly British during the 1700s. It was used as Honduras' main prison for a time, but today serves its purpose as a great place to run and play!! Overlooking a pretty typical small village (with the requisite whitewashed church), it is now an extremely family-friendly outing highly recommended by us. It is located about an hour or so north of San Pedro Sula, and we made a visit there over Thanksgiving weekend. Alea and Breck had a blast runnnoing around, climbing on the cannon, and looking over the walls. It was a warm day, but the overcast weather kept things reasonable, and we enjoyed playing there and then going to the beach for lunch and a swim. Those pictures aren't developed yet, though, so these will have to do!

Breck climbing the ramp
The kids ran all over the place, keeping mom and dad pretty busy making sure they didn't fall off a wall, fire off a cannon, or sail off with a pirate!

Breck and Alea play on the cannon

A cannon, a turret, and a flower
The main square at Omoa

A gray day
But when the sun hit the trees...

The day was slightly overcast and drizzly, keeping things somewhat cool.

The views from inside the old sanctuaries, storerooms, and armories were incredible. The lush wildflowers and green lawns made all exploration a real joy.

A happy family!

What a great day we had!!

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