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Daily Life in Honduras

OK, so this is more 'our daily life' than 'typical Honduran daily life,' but it will give a glimpse of the sights we come in contact with nearly every day. Obviously this page (these pages?) will grow during the course of our tenure here!

Check out the great place for a nap
On any typical day, our schedule revolves around school. Susan is an administrator in the preschool, Dave teaches computers in the hight school, Alea is in the 3 year old program, and Breck spends his time in the school's daycare. Our house is only a 5 minute drive from the school, but it does provide us with some interesting scenery. During much of the school year, the walls of the houses along the route are covered with beautiful flowering bushes. These hedges pull double duty: in addition to being decorative, the branches are also covered with extremely sharp (and large!) spinas to discourage any would-be wall climbers.
Flowers along the road to school
And this picture was taken in February!!!

The front entrance to the high school
Looking west away from campus
The school itself is pictureque (at least from a distance!!), with all sorts of greenery around and between the different buildings. It backs up to one set of hills that form the Sula valley. The picture above to the right was taken walking down from the preschool building to the high school campus.
See part of the webpage we made for our school describing life there...

Obviously, one of the main places that we spend much of our time is at school. EIS is the school of choice for the moneyed in San Pedro Sula, but the kids are still among the nicest I've yet taught. On their Independence Day (September 15, they all turned out to participate in a flag-raising ceremony and to sing the national anthem. There was very little of the goofing around that one might expect from a group of teenagers - they took their mandated patriotism very seriously!!!

Rub a dub dub
Astronaut and kosher pickle?


Another place that we find ourselves in a lot is the tub. Since the weather is so hot here (when it isn't hot it is muddy) and we have 2 youngsters, at least a daily washdown is a must. Unfortunately, our house doesn't have a bathtub (it doesn't have hot water either, but that is rectified in the shower at least by an electrical device that attaches to the shower head and heats the water as it passes. Electricity in the shower. Hmmm. I don't know. How about other goofy things in the bathroom? There are 2 faucets, but of course, with no hot water, only one works. Oh yeah, don't toss your used toilet paper in the toilet. It goes in the little garbage can next to the potty. Seems the sewage system can't handle the paper?). So after all that explanation, we get to the point of this picture. In order to take a bath, we have to fill up the shower stall with water. For the first month or so we used the method pictured - a kiddie pool in the shower!! Since then we have juryrigged a plastic stopper (actually nothing more than a cut up shower curtain), but we figured the joy of bathing was something that all too often is taken for granted!!

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