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1992 - 93 and 2000-2001

Copán Ruins

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Stela A
(now inside the museum)
Entering the sculpture museum (new since we lived here in 1993), you follow a long tunnel reminiscent of an archaologist's dig. At the end, pictured above, is a full size, full color replica of the Rosalila temple that was found completely encased within a newer building.
Stela B
(Located on the Grand Plaza)
The temple itself was discovered in 1989 and is still at the heart of Structure 16, the central building of the Acropolis. Current thinking is that the building, dedicated to Moon Jaguar - Copan's 10th ruler - was 'built over' rather than destroyed as is usually the case because it was so sacred. Later excavations determined that there is actually another temple buried inside Rosalila, named Margarita.
A wall facade portraying skulls

Inside the museum are numerous other pieces excavated from the site. Stela A (above) was brought inside and a replica raised in its place because of worries about erosion. The bat (below) and bird-monster (left) were recovered from inside existing structures and moved into climate-controlled display cases.

The grounds themselves hold so many interesting faces and expressions that it would be impossible to display them all, but the jaguar is a perennial favorite. Everywhere one looks, too, there are glyphs and symbols, raising a question of what might have been contained in Mayan texts, now lost to antiquity...

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