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1992 - 93 and 2000-2001

Copán Ruins

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One of the greeters at the gate
Copan is the cultural highlight of Honduras. A magnificent Mayan city filled with more relief-stelae than any other, it is definitely a place we will visit more than once. Susan and I had visited early in the 90's (pictures here), but what a different experience going with kids!!

Alea explores at Copan
The bearded figure on the front of Stela C

Stela M in front of the Hieroglyphic Stairway
The most famous residents of Copan, besides the macaws outside the gates of course, are the magnificent statues of former leaders that dot the grounds. These stela are considered to be the most impressive in the Maya world, due mostly to their 'three-dimensionness.' 
Stelas B and 4
Stela C with Stela 4 in the background

Stela P at Copan
Now, as a point of historical reference, when we were in Honduras during 1992 and '93, Copan was quite a bit different than in 2000. The stela on the left is now preserved in the new Sculpture Museum - a reproduction is now in its place. And the top of the Jaguar Plaza (below) looking toward the back of the Hieroglyphic Stairway, has been considerably built up and is now also covered with a tarp.
View from the southeast corner of the East Plaza

Glyphs on Stela F
A close-up of the glyphs on the side of one of the stela

The ballcourt from the Temple of the Inscriptions (with Stela N)
The ball court is one of the most beautifully restored in the Maya world
Macaw head on the ballcourt
On the side of the ball court is a parrot head. It may have in the past held a wooden ring, through which players would try to 'hip' a ball. Most experts think the Mayan version of soccer was played using only the hips and thighs - no hands or feet were allowed to touch the rubber balls.
closeup of the macaw head on the ballcourt

Figure on Altar Q
Image on the Acropolis (west plaza)

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