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Lunch and a wreck

We had arranged for a private driver to get all 8 of us to Slovenia (Thank you, Pedja!) given the train was sooooo slow and we just had too many plans to be that patient.  So, on a misty Tuesday morning, we set off for Slovenia.  We had driven through as a family during the December holidays and had been really impressed with the whole country.  We were so happy to share this beautiful place with my family! We had mist the first day and downpour the second day, but glorious sun by the time we hit the coast.

We left for Slovenia and hit the border without a hitch.  This says Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (though now it is known as Serbia and Montenegro).

We drove straight through Croatia without stopping.  We blitzed both borders without a problem and stopped in the adorable town of Kostanjevica, Slovenia for lunch.  Breck got his energy out after being in a car four hours and we all trouped around the square and riverfront park admiring lovely flowers and lace curtains. 
Piling back in the car, we hit the highway for what was to be our last 45 minutes to Ljubljana.  However... a huge semi truck hauling new cars had turned over on the highway blocking all four lanes of traffic.  We didn't know this as we were many kilometers behind this major block of vehicles.  Many were turning off the highway and driving through a local field, so we just followed the example of the locals and hit the dirt.  We found ourselves on a teeny tiny road up in the mountains running parallel to the highway.  We emerged a few kilometers past the accident and resumed our descent into Ljubljana. Jennifer and I had a good laugh about how their visits always prompt road incidents  (recall the traffic stopping job we had to do in Honduras when two vehicles ran amuck in the middle of a river). 


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Lunch and a wreck
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