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The Brothers Do the Balkans

Hiking the back roads

   We wanted our guests to be as impressed with Serbia as with the rest of Eastern and Central Europe, and I think we succeeded.   After a day of doing Belgrade, we hit the highway for south central Serbia. The drive was green as green could be; the absolute essence of Spring.  Farmers couldn't be at work in the fields given the amount of rain, but the scenery was as rustic and as rural as one could wish.  We made any number of stops to capture on film the haystacks, barns, livestock, cornshocks and orchards of rural Serbia.  The eyes, faces and demeanor of the older generation especially appealed to us.  We wondered at the stories they could tell.  Serbia has had its fair share of history in the last 60 (much less 600!!)  years and these folks have seen a lot.



Belgrade Welcome and Kalemegdan
Kalemegdan Fiesta
Two Churches and a Princess's Mansion
Serbian Dinner
Hiking the back roads
Manasija Monastery
Walking to the Waterfall


Lunch and a wreck
Castle and Cave


Rovinj and Pula
Rabin and Opatija
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