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The Brothers Do the Balkans


 We hauled into Piran, a quaint coastal Slovenian town just in time to find a hotel and wander the streets before the sun went down.  The kids played along the shore for awhile before we climbed to the top of a hill to see the remains of the old medieval walls.  The town dates back to the Greeks, but its feel is far more Venetian, with the cobbled streets full of churches and buildings dating from the 1600's. 

The church of St. George as seen from the Medieval town walls. 

The town square, Tartinijev Trg, all lit up. 
  After a huge day, we were all happy to sit down and enjoy a great dinner.  It was a wonderful last night as an 8-some as Nancy and Bill headed toward Trieste, Italy and, later, the Czech Republic the next day.  Jennifer and Mark and the Stutz crew spent two more days together before they, too, went off to further explore Eastern Europe.   


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Kalemegdan Fiesta
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Lunch and a wreck
Castle and Cave


Rovinj and Pula
Rabin and Opatija

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