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Belgrade Welcome and Kalemegdan


Mark, Jennifer, Bill and Nancy arrived in Belgrade on April 16, 2005.  The Stutz family was thrilled to host them for our spring break.  Our plans were to spend time in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.  With mission accomplished, we present the following summary of our grand adventures...

We welcomed the weary travellers as they rolled into Belgrade, but didn't give them much of a chance to catch their breath. We had things to see and places to go!!

Our first day in Belgrade, we took an early morning walking tour of our school International School Belgrade

Mark checks out Susan's preschool classroom while wearing the Salva Vida T-shirt he got when visiting her in Honduras 5 years ago:)

We hit the downtown area and enjoyed a three hour wander around the Kalemegdan area.  Here, Nancy, Bill, Alea and Breck take a cuddle by the Zindan Gate (with the Neboysa Tower in the back).  The Zindan Gate was constructed in the 1400's as a stronghold against Turkish invasion.  The Neboysa Tower fell into Turkish hands in 1521 and the entire area remained under their influence until the mid 1800's. 

The flag of Belgrade by the Clock Tower (built by the Austrians) and on the Clock Gate (built by the Turks).  An example of the endless tug-of-war that existed in Serbia between eastern and western influences between 300 and 1820

Monument of Gratitude to France in thanks for support during WWI. 

Artillery from the Military Museum, Breck's favorite spot in Belgrade!

Gate of Charles VI, constructed to commemorate the German King who defeated the Turks in what became the beginning of the end of their control in the area. 

Bill and Nancy by Leopold's Gate

Inner Stambol Gate - reminder of Turkish might for 400 years in Serbia.

Metropolitan's Court - the scattered remains of a complex built by Despot Stefan in the 1400's. 

Mark and Breck by Karageorge's Gate

 Alea and Breck each approach the Roman/Byzantine/Turkish ruins differently.


Belgrade Welcome and Kalemegdan
Kalemegdan Fiesta
Two Churches and a Princess's Mansion
Serbian Dinner
Hiking the back roads
Manasija Monastery
Walking to the Waterfall


Lunch and a wreck
Castle and Cave


Rovinj and Pula
Rabin and Opatija
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