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Street Scenes

The greatest joy in Trogir, however, was to simply wander the cobblestoned alleys and see what was around the corner. Susan loved the exterior stairways ("Typical medieval architecture" was the phrase she uttered over and over) while the kids liked the carvings that seemed to be on every other building and Dave likes the flashes of random color that appeared without warning.
A normal journey would go something like this: enter under the watchful eye of the church belfry, visible from just about everywhere, and enter a curved entrance to slick, winding streets. Pass ancient homes, still in use, all day long, and duck inside for a passing rain shower. Eat and drink an awful lot, and then follow the lights out to the seaside for the stroll back to bed.


We didn't take too many people pictures this trip, but we did get to see a real-life bocce playground in action. We passed these three women out 'taking sun' and these guys (below) chilling in the late afternoon. (The ones we saw a lot were the mental patients in the hospital on our walk into and out from the apartment who were always slapping themselves and asking the kids for cigarettes!!)

At the market...

Like any good eastern European town, the vegetable market was the place to go for fresh fruit, bright colors, and the excellent homemade brew. The kids discovered, to their delight, that the strawberries were in - so Susan made daily trips to keep them satisfied!! Of course, that made going back to Belgrade difficult, as they weren't available here until more than 2 weeks later. As is usually the case, the stalls were staffed almost exclusively by older women - wonder where all the guys are? Oh yes, they're over in the corner smoking and drinking coffee.

Family Pictures

What's a trip without family pictures? Clockwise from the top left, Breck doing karate at the tower in Trogir, Alea wading in the (COLD!!!) water, Alea and Breck doing what they did best - throw rocks, and the ever famous Susan Sith at dinner one night.

A dose of reality

Of course, not everything is fun and games in this region. We discovered that when we first drove into Trogir. From the road, Susan saw some columns at what looked like some kind of ruins. Well, they were ruins, all right, but of a more modern type. Just above the pretty little farm with the retiled roof, we had stumbled upon the remains of what looked to be a fairly extensive bar. It was completely destroyed - shattered - even the bathrooms had been torn apart. When Breck started picking up bullet casings, the eternal question sprung to mind, and Susan hurried everybody back to the car wondering "Could there be land mines here?" Reading later, we found that there had indeed been fighting in these hills, and it broke our hearts to realize that this pretty little town we had so enjoyed had been the scene of such recent hatred.

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