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Our first stop on the trip was Karlovac, a town just southwest of Zagreb. For us, its most important claim to fame is Karlovacko beer, so we just had to see the hometown (plus it was on the way we were going). We cruised in on Easter Sunday, so the place was deserted. It is a pretty Croatian town that we could enjoy empty streets and full ice cream cones (plus the beer!).

Wandering around the streets, we came across all sorts of evidence of a turbulent history. Traditional Catholic spires soaring into the air and lions carved into facades bore witness to the Austian influence. More sobering, statues of mothers who lost their sons and husbands to war and quite a number of wrecked and shuttered buildings reflect the grim recent history of this region.

But all was not lost - for the magnolias were out! It was such a beautiful day that we couldn't dwell on the past. In the main plaza, the beautiful trees were in full bloom. We picked up the flowers and smelled in the fantastic odor. Alea and Breck hung out for a bit in the market area (that was obviously closed) and goofed around a bit, just enjoying life...

Perhaps because of the beauty of the day, or perhaps that's just the way things are done in the town, we saw lots of bikes as we walked around. While we were eating ice cream, a veritable gang of bikers cruised down the street - just all out having a great ride

Breck even got ahold of the camera and took a few pictures...

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