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Jezera Plitvice

This fantastic series of waterfalls is a UNESCO protected area and one of Croatia's loveliest national parks. We visited in April, during one of the highest flooding periods in decades
As we hiked the paths (often through rushing water that had overflowed the banks) we came upon row after row of stunning waterfalls. The plants in the region are of a certain kind that 'fossilize' after death in the water, thus constantly reshaping the look of the rapids.
While it was a gray spring morning, we had a blast following the wooden paths that wove their way among the reeds and water. We had to pull the umbrellas out a few time for some drizzling rain (and the mist from the tall waterfall!), but we were too busy looking for ducks and fish to worry about that!

We even got to ride on a small ferry across the lakes
We were true explorers, enjoying the wildlife in the area, the beautiful flowers, and the caves.

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