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A simple town on the water, this well preserved medieval center gave us all the narrow alley exploring the kids could handle without the press of tourists that one might expect. As pretty as a postcard, we found Trogir pleasant enough (with inexpensive rooms abounding) to serve as our 'home for most of the trip. Walking across the bridge that connects Trogir with an island provided us with many 'Kodak moments' as we entered and left the old city.

Originally situated on an island just off the mainland, Trogir is now part of a man-made isthmus connecting the larger island of Ciovo. It is one of the oldest towns on the Mediterranean, having been occupied by different groups since at least 2,000 BCE. Presently it is a good stop for those who want to experience a promenade, some city walls, and great hospitality away from the better-known of the Croatian cities. Entering the old town walls from the mainland, the statue of Blessed John of Trogir, dating from the early 1400s, welcomes you to his domain.
Of course, the sea provided much of Trogir's early livelihood, and the city is still intimately connected to the water. The play of light off the boats and the houses on the surrounding hillsides was something to see on a sunny afternoon.

The Cathedral

One of Trogir's most famous landmarks is the cathedral of St. Lawrence. Surrounded by other, smaller churches, the bell tower looms over the city. Actually, the bell tower is the new kid on the block not having been completed until 1603, while the rest of the building was started in the early 1200s. Unfortunately for us, the supposedly exquisite carvings that run along most of the front os the church were covered with scaffolding and in the midst of being cleaned and renovated.

The Tower

The Venetian era watchtower overlooks the northwestern corner of the city island, and provides a great vantage point for checking out the scene. Breck had more fun running laps around the walkway, but we all enjoyed climbing the ladder to the observation booth (and seeing the water that was creating new stalactites before our eyes).

Evening in Trogir

As dusk gathered, we were treated to the lights in both the sky and the city coming on. We ate outside on several nights - once at a seafood place for Dad and once at a pasta joint for everyone else!! As we walked along the promenade after dinner (with Breck carrying the leftover pizza on his head), we enjoyed the sights and sounds of the water lapping against the shore and the quiet buzz of happy people out catching a bit of night air.

From the street in front of our apartment, the town made quite a pretty spectacle.
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