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Solin is an ancient city that was refurbished and used by the Romans until being supplanted by Split. Overlooking the city's bay, it was on the crossroads of two major trading roads. Today, its ruins overlook the city and the walls seem to mirror the modern high rise apartments that surround them.

After the Romans finished with the city, it was used as an early Christian cemetary. Among the carving still visible on the tombs are fishes and, as pictured to the left,  the Greek letters chi, rho (X and P), alpha, and omega (A and w). Both sets of these letters were early symbols for Christ - chi and rho for the first 2 letters of his name, and the alpha and omega for being the beginning and the end. This ends the religion lesson for the day.

We got rained on intermittently as we wandered around, but the kids were real troopers as they climbed up and down the walls with their umbrellas in hand

Breck even found a ball and had a little game of Solin Soccer.
Of course, what would an ancient Roman site be without a grape arbor (now used for flowers) or the remains of an old bridge? The ampitheater in the city was deliberately destroyed to deny attackers a refuge, so there isn't too much left of that...

so we all gathered around the bridge for a wet family picture!!

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