Pinata, Baby!!

The teletubbies piñata was hung and ready as Child's Day 2000 rolled around. We were invitied over to a fellow teacher's house for a big celebration complete with Honduran aunts, uncles, food, pets, toys, goodies, and music. Of course the kids were pretty excited when we promised a piñata!!! Breck grooved on the setup just because there was a stick to wave around. He couldn't really do much damage to La La (or whoever that was), but he had a lot of fun.

Alea tried her best to put the hurt on as well, but we pretty much had to wait for the 'big kids' to rip the thing apart. Once that happened, though, it was every man, woman, and child for him or herself. Mom and Alea did their best to get some goodies, and Breck didn't do too badly himself. All in all, a pretty fun time.

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