Alessandra Marie Stutz

November, 2000

Alea's class at Halloween
Yodel-lay-hee-whooooo! Halloween in HondurasHalloween has come and gone, and once again I dressed up as Princess Leia. It was pretty fun to see everybody else from my class in costume, and we had a great day parading around the school.

Yiya gave me a fantastic lederhosen outfit from Switzerland at Uncle Rob and Aunt Blanche's wedding, and I looked really cute in it, but the allure of an intergalactic space suit was simply too great.

Or maybe it was just that I was upset at dad for taking a picture of my bare bottom as I got changed into the outfit!!
Hey, I want my privacy!

Stutz kids painting
Blue plus white plus green. HmmmThis has always been my colorBreck and I have a great time hanging out on our back porch. It is shaded and lets a cool breeze through, so it is where we spend most of our afternoons. Mom knows all the good-to-get childhood toys, so she's stocked up on washable paints. We paint everything we can, including paper, the walls, and even each other!! What a great way to get all our creative energy out!

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