Alessandra Marie Stutz

March, 2001

I'll grant you 3 wishes!!
Alea has a great time dressing up. She has a bucket full of 'dress up clothes' that she shares with her friends at school. 
Here are my flying wings...
This is an ensemble of her own design: her swimsuit of many colors, fairy wings, dancing dress, wedding tiara, and lederhosen socks (from YiYa).

Snore. Snore.
One of the big adjustments Alea has had to make this year is going to school. With all the exciting things going on around her, she often forgets to take a nap (as does Breck). One of our evolving afternoon routines is to come home, have a little snack of "chips 'n cheese," and take a little snoozer on the couch. This is her during two such afternoons...
Gluing colored paper
Folding a paper airplane
In Honduras, March 19th is Father's Day, and Alea's class had a special day planned for all the daddies. She didn't have to wear her uniform (and chose her watermelon dress for the occasion), and we had a great time playing with playdoh, gluing a picture (left) and making paper airplanes (right). Dad made out with treats, a bunch of pictures, a clay handprint, and a cap. What a great morning!!

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