Alessandra Marie Stutz

October, 2000

Alea's school uniformReady to danceNow that I am a big girl in school, I get to wear a fancy uniform each day. I usually go for the 'casual P.E.' look - my yellow T-shirt and blue shorts. On the first day I wore them I picked mom a few flowers from the over the wall across the street. But there was an assembly just the other week that was realy different from the usual hing. For the weeks leading up to it, our gym class had learned traditional Honduran folkloric dances - and then we performed them. In traditional dresss!!

put on your dancin' shoes!

What the heck is this???CowgirlIt was quite a scene! A whole gym full of 3 to 6 year olds dancing, each with at least one parent (and more often 2 parents, a grandparent, 3 friends, and a maid) there recording the event for posterity. Of course, my parents were no exception, and so we ended up with at least a few pictures of me out there. My partner and I got to perform the "Suenito" with my class, and although we weren't the most energetic couple out there (!), we held our own. 
Of course, brother Breck wasn't too impressed. He came down with the rest of the daycare class and fell asleep in Flor's arms during the performance!! 

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